RQ Wines - Cork & Vine - Alliston
Every year, we wait with anticipation for the Restricted Quantities (RQ) wines.  What are RQ wines? Our wine kit supplier, RJS Craft Wines, releases a number of new wines to the marketplace. These wines are chosen from the best vineyards and represent the finest wines in the world. Due to their exclusivity, they are only available in limited quantities.

Wine is celebrated all over the world, from masquerades and festivals to wine battles and cultural gatherings. Restricted Quantities 2016 brings these festivals to life - and to your wine collection.

Starting in December, these wines will be delivered to our store in a staggered method. Those who preordered the wines will be able to bottle them 6-8 weeks after delivery. Each wine comes with specially designed labels and matching shrink capsules.

To make it easier, we will list the important dates you need to remember. Click here to see the brochure and a full description of each wine offering.

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