Specialty Wines - Cork & Vine - Alliston

ico specialtyClassic Port Style

Deep ruby-red Premium Port smoulders with bold aromas and flavours of black cherries and blackberries. A perfect after-dinner delight.


Kit Only - $134    On Premise - $179.20

 ico specialtyVidal Icewine Style

This golden nectar is full of peach and tropical fruit with a perfectly balanced, honey-like sweetness.

ico specialtyCabernet Franc Icewine Style

Your palate will be overcome with flavours of sweet and tart red berries and apricots. A lingering honey finish will have you craving more.

ico specialtyRiesling Icewine Style

Riesling's acidity adds the perfect balance to the intense sweetness. Sinfully delicious with intense apricots, apples, and pears on the nose, following through to tempting flavours of honey and lychee that linger on the palate.


Kit Only - $144    WHITE On Premise - $189.20

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